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How to estimate the cost of building a house?

Thomas Miller
30.10.2022, 20:58
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estimation coût de construction maison

To be able to enjoy a comfortable single-family house, the use of construction seems the ideal solution. Before embarking on such an operation, buyers seek to make an estimate of the cost of building a house. However, this data seems very difficult to obtain and varies from a simple real estate valuation.

Steps for estimating the construction of a house

To get an accurate answer on the cost of building a house, it is essential to look at the value of the land first. Next, the construction cost itself should be added. 

Determining the value of the land

The prices charged for a plot of land depend on the canton and the exact location in the area. They range from CHF 150.00 to CHF 2,000.00, which is the maximum for the metropolises of Zurich and Geneva. The price is then multiplied by the surface area. To find out more, you can learn how to estimate the price of a plot of land in this article.

Calculating the cost of building the house

House building projects are all very different. Contemporary, traditional, single-storey, multi-storey houses are all complex projects so it is difficult to give a valid basis for each estimate of the cost of building a house. 

The Swiss Property Owners' Association (AFP) recommends that you calculate the necessary budget at CHF 700-800 per cubic metre. However, this recommendation is only valid for medium-size buildings.

For a family home with few amenities, the reference value is only CHF 600. For a high-end building project you should double this amount.

Controlling the cost of a new house construction

The average cost of current services

To estimate the cost of a new home, here are the expenses to be expected: 

  • A bathroom with washbasin, shower or bathtub, WC, tiles and all useful equipment: CHF 20'000.-
  • The kitchen with oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, installation of equipment, cupboards and sink: CHF 20'000.
  • Concrete garage: between CHF 20,000 and CHF 30,000
  • Garden landscaping with paths, gravel, plantings, lawns: CHF 100 per square metre transformed
  • Windows: CHF 900 per installed window
  • Construction of a cellar: CHF 15,000 to CHF 20,000 for the excavation plus the costs of fitting out the cellar at CHF 400 per square metre.

The cost of a construction project can vary depending on your project. However, you can add up the sums above to get an idea of the necessary budget. 

Estimating the cost of construction: saving money

To limit the financial weight of a house construction, buyers can modulate their project to minimize costs. For the kitchen and bathroom, the essentials can be chosen. Luxury features are bound to inflate prices. 

Home automation is practical but can also have a cost to connect the elements together. If the future inhabitants do not need automations savings can be made on this level.

If you take care of the garden yourself, you will also save a lot of money. Finally, the garage can be chosen in prefabricated form, which is less expensive than a concrete version. 

Points to remember when estimating the cost of building a house

To obtain an estimate of the construction cost of your future home, you must follow these steps: 

  1. Determine the value of the land
  2. Calculate the cost of the construction alone according to the project you’re planning
  3. Look for possible savings
  4. Add a budget for incidental expenses to get the total
  5. Estimate the cost of renovating a house

Another article that may interest you: Estimating the cost of renovating a house.


Are prefabricated houses more economical?

The basic cost may appear to be lower, but you have to take into account the price charged for earthworks, excavation, connection to the networks and the various improvements required.

Do all professionals apply the same rates?

The prices indicated are reference values for certain works. However, they can vary from 10 to 20% depending on the professional. You can draw up online estimates to estimate your costs.

What are the additional costs involved in building a house?

For an estimate of the cost of building a house, you must also add municipal and cantonal taxes, building permit fees, grid connection fees, interest charges, surveyor's fees, notary fees and insurance.

Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller has been a real estate agent for over 4 years now, when he is not in the field, he is dedicated to his second passion, writing, especially in the real estate market.
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