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How our free online valuation works

Our automated valuation tool delivers the most accurate property appraisal on the market in less than 3 minutes (it is based on thousands of real property transactions in Switzerland).

We use what’s called a ‘statistical regression’, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), which doesn’t require any human interaction or intervention.

Our valuation application is fed by 5 models:

  1. An internal model based on real estate listings which also takes the local land zoning into consideration
  2. An internal model based on historical transactions published by Swiss Real Estate Datapool
  3. An external model calculated by the company IAZI CIFI
  4. An external model calculated by Wüest Partner
  5. An external model calculated by PriceHubble

Statistically, calculating the median of all the models allows us to provide you with the most up to date and accurate property appraisals in the Swiss property market.

You benefit from: an instant, accurate and free online valuation of your property, house or apartment.

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Valuation tool

RealAdvisor provides our clients with a free property valuation tool similar to that used by professional real estate brokers throughout Switzerland. It leverages the most reliable and accurate data available, and is also used by banks, insurance companies, and pension funds to assess mortgages.

Valuation model based on 70 criteria

Our online valuation model is based on:

20 criteria related to the characteristics of your property: Living surface, number of rooms, land area, condition, etc.

50 criteria that pertain to the quality of your property’s location: Access to public transport, schools, air quality, neighbourhood safety, etc.
Find out more about: How to estimate a property?

Rigorous analysis

Our valuation models compare your property to thousands of similar properties sold over the past few months to determine its market value. Each model is optimized continuously to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date property valuations possible.


Our valuation methods are based on more than 500,000 real transactions.


This represents over 80% of Swiss property sales over the past 10 years.


Our algorithms are updated by data from over 25,000 property sales every year.

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Our business model

After completing your free online property valuation, we will continue to support you throughout the remainder of the process.

We work closely with local real estate brokers that have been carefully assessed and chosen as partners based on both their professionalism and performance. The brokers we partner with share their commission with us in exchange for our products and services.

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Swiss property prices

We compile and constantly update statistics on prices from sale and rental transactions across the country. Discover current property prices in the largest Swiss cities:
- Property prices in Zürich
- Property prices in Geneva
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- Property prices in Bern

Frequently asked questions

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Automated real estate valuation

This statistical method compares your property with thousands of historical transactions to determine its value.

Automated valuations are very precise for standard properties for which there are many recorded transactions. For unique or luxury homes, the estimates are less accurate due the lack of comparable transactions.

Comparative market analysis

This is an examination of the prices of similar properties currently on the market.

Real estate agents have a deep understanding of the market, thus they are the best people to help you set your price based on how well your home ranks against the competition.

Intrinsic valuation

The term intrinsic value represents the real or actual value of a property. This is how it's computed:

New value - Depreciation + Plot value = Intrinsic Value

This method does not factor in the supply and demand in the market, which makes it difficult to apply, because the value of the land is hard to estimate.

Development potential

When a plot has allocated space for further construction, it is very common that the value of the land itself is higher than the value of the building it currently hosts.

In these cases, the owners are more likely to receive interesting offers from property developers.

RealAdvisor experts systematically assess if a plot has development potential.

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