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How to estimate the cost of renovating a house?

Thomas Miller
30.10.2022, 21:38
4 min
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Buying an old property can be a good deal. Comfort and energy performance can be improved. The value of the property can also increase thanks to this work. Before starting the building project, an estimate of the cost of renovating the house must be made. Depending on the work envisaged, you can take advantage of subsidies to cover part of the costs. Here is the procedure for finding out how to estimate a property to be renovated.

Knowing your renovation needs

Before embarking on any renovation work, you must analyse your needs precisely. You can call on an energy service that will be able to advise you on major worksites. Depending on the canton, this service may be free of charge or subject to a charge. You will then be able to calculate the price for renovating the house. 

To estimate the price of your house renovation per m2, you can use a CEBS Plus. In this way, you will receive a Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings. It provides information on the exact renovation needs and the estimated cost of the renovation work for a flat or house with a plot of land. An expert will come to your home to make an accurate assessment of the house. An energy class is also assigned and the result of the analysis is given.

Thanks to this detailed report, you will know exactly how to estimate the renovation work for your house. You will then be able to ask for quotes from professionals for your estimate of the cost of renovating a house.

The cost of professional labour

Depending on the renovation work required, you will need to hire an architect and one or more craftsmen. For a new heating solution, you will need only one expert in the field. The same applies to a change of water heater to produce domestic hot water. The estimated cost of renovating a house will be limited in these cases.

For larger-scale renovations, it will be preferable to call on an architect or planner to coordinate the work. On average, a complete renovation requires a budget of between CHF 250,000 and CHF 350,000 for a five-room house. You can ask for several quotes in order to get the best offer. It corresponds to the one that offers the best value for money. The cheapest price is not necessarily the best option. You must make sure that the professional has the expertise you are looking for. 

Consult this article if you want to estimate the cost of building a house.

While the cost of renovating a house may seem high, it can be cost-effective. To develop your assets, the cost at the time of purchase is lower. Then, this property will increase in value over the years. A capital gain can therefore be recorded on resale.

Taking into account the equipment and installation

While photovoltaic panels make it possible to take advantage of renewable energies, the cost of this equipment should be taken into account when calculating the price of a home renovation. Indeed, this cutting-edge technology is quite expensive. Moreover, for the panels to store solar energy, the installation must be carried out by an expert. The cost of this installation should therefore be added to the total when estimating the cost of renovating a house. 

For energy works, the costs can rise quickly, so you should include them in your estimate of the cost of renovation per m2. The heat pump or thermodynamic water heater requires a substantial budget. For work of this scale, you can spread out the work over time to raise the necessary funds according to the result of your estimate of the cost of renovating your home.

Applying for grants for renovation work

You can apply for subsidies for any energy-saving renovation of your home. They cover part of the estimated cost of renovating a house. Depending on the work planned, you can submit an application. 

The Buildings Programme allows you to benefit from a budget envelope for a renovation to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. When the work involves insulation, the installation of a heat pump or the installation of a pellet heating system, you can apply for this grant. However, for a new house you must meet the eligibility conditions, i.e. correspond to energy class A according to the CEBS. 

For photovoltaic panels, you can apply for the one-off payment. You can also find out from the communes and cantons whether other subsidies can be used.

Things to keep in mind when estimating the costs of renovating a house?

  1. Assessing the renovation needs of your home
  2. Contact different professionals to compare quotes
  3. Find out about the costs of the equipment and how much it costs to put it into operation.
  4. Apply for grants before work begins
  5. Deduct grants from the estimated cost of renovating a home
  6. Seeking appropriate funding


Can I increase my mortgage to finance the renovation of my home?

If the work increases the value of the house, you can review your mortgage with your bank. The bank may release the necessary funds for this operation.

How to apply for a grant?

In order for a request to be considered admissible, it must be made before work begins. An estimate from a professional for the estimate of bathroom renovation work or heating changes must be attached to the file.

What are the reasons for an energy renovation?

Improving the energy performance of your home will result in energy savings. Gas and electricity bills will therefore be significantly lower.

Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller has been a real estate agent for over 4 years now, when he is not in the field, he is dedicated to his second passion, writing, especially in the real estate market.
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