Since the launch of our investment property valuation service in November 2022, RealAdvisor has already estimated more than 3'000 properties.

95 %

95 % of the transactions conducted by RealAdvisor experts were concluded within the seller's target price.


RealAdvisor has a database of over 2'500 qualified investors ready to make an offer on your property.

How does an investment property valuation work?

Our calculator delivers the most reliable online investment property valuation on the market in less than 3 minutes. The valuation is based on thousands of investment property transactions in Switzerland.

Our own RealAdvisor model corrects potential errors by taking into account the development area in which the investment property to be valued is located.

Your advantage: Benefit from a free, instantaneous and accurate valuation of your residential, commercial or mixed-use property.

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Over 3'000 buildings have been estimated this year

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To find out the value of your investment property, you need to fill in the characteristics of your property, such as:

  1. The address
  2. The use of the building
  3. The number of units
  4. The rental income

Your asset is then automatically compared to thousands of similar buildings on the market. This analysis allows you to obtain its estimated market value instantly.

RealAdvisor will also send you a valuation report directly to your inbox.

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Once you have obtained an online valuation of your investment property, we can arrange for one of our experts to visit your asset on-site. Following this evaluation, our expert will be able to submit an analysis and an extended valuation report for your property. This includes:

  • A market analysis
  • A detailed assessment of the property
  • An estimated selling price and potential yield
  • A sales strategy adapted to your asset
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Entrust us with the sale of your residential or commercial building

We help you sell your investment property by providing a commercialisation strategy to maximise the price. RealAdvisor recommends a selective, yet competitive approach with qualified investors.

RealAdvisor guarantees:

  • Favourable selling price and optimised conditions
  • Qualified investors
  • Respect for confidentiality
  • Transaction security
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Why choose RealAdvisor?

Whether you are selling your building or buying an investment property, RealAdvisor will put you in touch with the right professionals and guide you through every step of your transaction.

RealAdvisor takes care of all the details for you:

  1. Automatic selection of targeted buyers and sellers
  2. Analysis and follow-up of the offers received
  3. Negotiation of the sale price with support material
  4. Preparation of documents and obtaining financing
  5. Closing of the sale at the notary's office

Assessing an investment property - what are the valuation methods?

There are several ways to calculate the value of an investment property. At RealAdvisor, our experts will help you navigate each of these valuation methods to determine the market price of your commercial or residential property.

Capitalisation rate approach (also known as Income Capitalisation)

The capitalisation rate method involves dividing the net rental income by a capitalisation rate. This capitalisation rate is composed of a risk-free interest rate, plus a supplement for market risk/vacancy, administration costs, obsolescence, and maintenance of the property.

Discounted cash flow approach

The discounted cash flow method allows a projection based on an analysis of the future possibilities of the property (works, maintenance costs, taxes, etc.). In other words, it is a projection of how much money that investment will generate in the future.

Cost approach

The cost approach method takes the price of the building as brand new, from which depreciation due to the ageing of the building is subtracted. Depreciation is assessed according to the age and maintenance of the building.

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