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We believe in a more transparent and efficient real estate market.

Our vision

We are defending the idea of a more transparent and open real estate market. We help people make better decisions when buying, selling, renting or financing property.

RealAdvisor is an aggregator of real estate information and services. Using the power of the web we centralise all property listings, online valuation services, real estate agents and lenders in one place; providing an unprecedented level of transparency for the real estate market.


Olivier Plan

Chairman & Co-founder

Joan Rodriguez

CEO & Co-founder

Jonas Wiesel

CTO & Co-founder

Jakub Riziky

Product Manager

Olivier Moynat

Sales Director

Anita Humbel

Sales Manager

Stéphanie Nolot

Sales Manager

Frank Stoll

Business Development Manager

Barbara Fotiadis

Business Developer

Eugenia Seletti

Business Developer Ticino

Cindy Thomann

Land Prospector

Federico Copercini

Head of Investment Real Estate

Philippe Montet

Financing Director

Kanwal Nayyar

Marketing Manager

Raphaël Huguet

Customer Service

Athina Boez

Customer Service

Audrey Robert

Commercial and Administrative Assistant

Tech team

Anna Z.

QA Engineer

Ivan S.

Full Stack Developer

Roman P.

Full Stack Developer

Bogdan Ch.

Full Stack Developer

Elliot P.

Full Stack Developer

Aaron P.

Full Stack Developer

Sergey R.

Full Stack Developer

Anton S.

Full Stack Developer

Igor L.

Full Stack Developer

Gnyanendra N.

Full Stack Developer

Pruthvi N.

Full Stack Developer

Konstantin E.

Full Stack Developer

Sergey K.

Data Scientist

Butrint K.

QA Engineer

Legal information

RealAdvisor is the commercial brand of the legal entity "AI Partners SA", a limited company headquartered in Geneva.

c/o AI Partners SA
Avenue Louis-Casaï 86A
1216 Cointrin