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Property valuation in Maggia

Getting an accurate valuation of a property is a crucial step in the process of selling or buying a property. For a seller, setting a fair price ensures that the property is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price.

To benefit from a reliable and free estimate in Maggia, you can start by making an online valuation of your home.
RealAdvisor provides the most accurate online estimate on the market based on 5 statistical models, calculated from historical transactions and online real estate listings.

Following this, one of our local real estate experts will come to your home to provide you with a detailed valuation if needed.

Latest appraisals in Maggia

5 days ago
6677 Maggia
CHF 4,841 / m²
House · 3 rooms
9 days ago
6674 Someo
CHF 4,312 / m²
House · 2 rooms
12 days ago
6677 Moghegno
CHF 4,350 / m²
House · 5.5 rooms
29 days ago
6673 Maggia TI
CHF 3,831 / m²
House · 3 rooms
2 months ago
6673 Maggia TI
CHF 5,650 / m²
House · 4 rooms

How to get a property valuation in Maggia?

1. Free online property valuation with RealAdvisor in Maggia

The RealAdvisor online property valuation tool allows you to obtain a detailed report on the market value of your home in just 3 minutes.

How do I carry out an online property valuation? 

  1. Click on the “Start my property valuation” button below.
  2. Fill in the address of the property to be appraised in Maggia.
  3. Fill in the characteristics of your property:
    • Type of property
    • Surfaces
    • Year of construction
    • Year of last renovation
    • Number of rooms

    • Others: swimming pool, exceptional view...
  4. Validate the estimation process and receive the result of your property valuation in Maggia!

To find out more about the valuation of a property, consult our guide: How to value a property?

2. Have a real estate professional in Maggia appraise your house or flat

RealAdvisor works with a large network of local experts who carry out free-of-charge and non-binding property valuations in Maggia.

How does an appraisal by a real estate agent in Maggia take place?


A local real estate agent comes to your home free of charge.
  2. He carries out a professional analysis of your property as well as its geographic location.
  3. He examines certain documents that you have to provide him with, such as:

    • The land register;
    • Architectural plans;
    • The cadastral map.
  4. He elaborates a complete valuation report, taking into account the current supply and demand in the real estate market in Maggia.
  5. He provides you with the market value of your property with detailed explanations and advice on how to increase the value of your property.

3. Analyse similar properties for sale in Maggia

Analysis of comparable properties consists of evaluating your property in relation to similar properties currently for sale and recently sold in Maggia.

How to carry out a comparative market analysis in Maggia?

  1. Start by getting a good understanding of your property and its location.
  2. Visit RealAdvisor real estate portal which has the largest selection of property listings in Switzerland by clicking on the button below.
  3. Select properties similar to yours by using the relevant filters.
  4. Determine a price range based on the prices you see; the more similar a property is to yours, the closer its selling price should be to yours.

How to sell your house at the best price in Maggia?

In order to sell hour house quickly and at the best price, it is essential to choose the right partner who will accompany you throughout your project.

1. Choose a real estate expert with in-depth knowledge of the local market

RealAdvisor can connect you with an expert in your region.

2. Ask for a home valuation at the right price and in line with the current property market

Our expert analyses the prices of properties similar to yours currently on the market, as well as those that have recently been sold, and recommends you the highest possible selling price while remaining competitive.

3. Enhance the value of your property

RealAdvisor arranges for you a shooting with a professional photographer and produces a sales brochure highlighting the assets of your property.

4. Make sure that your property ad is highly visible and reaches a large audience

RealAdvisor publishes your ad on 14 real estate portals and to the 50,000 potential buyers in its database.

5. Put the buyer offers in competition with each other to get the best price

Our expert receives the buyer offers, he analyses their respective qualities and suggests the best option for you.

6. Negotiate the best price

Our expert will have gathered all the documents (renovation invoices, architectural plans...) and other information related to your property and its surroundings (environment, regional development...) in order to negotiate and close the sale at the best possible price.

Real estate for sale in Maggia:
There are currently 44 houses and flats for sale in Maggia, with selling prices between CHF 95,000 and CHF 950,000, i.e. an estimated median price of CHF 312,500 for a property in Maggia.

Real estate for rent in Maggia:
The most prominent offer remains that of real estate rentals, with more than 87% of online real estate listings being for rent. 

You will currently find 0 houses and flats for rent in Maggia, with rents ranging from CHF 0 to CHF 4,056, i.e. a median rent estimated at CHF 1,130 for a property in Maggia.

House price value in Maggia

In Maggia, there are currently 44 houses for sale, a house costs on average between CHF 95,000 and CHF 950,000.

RoomsAverage House Value
House: 4 roomsCHF 4,845 / m²
House: 5 roomsCHF 4,300 / m²
House: 6 roomsCHF 3,800 / m²
House: 7 roomsCHF 1,602 / m²

Flat price value in Maggia

In Maggia, there are currently 2 flats for sale, a flat costs on average between CHF 122,000 and CHF 635,000.

RoomsAverage Flat Value
Apartment: 2 roomsCHF 4,576 / m²
Apartment: 3 roomsCHF N/A / m²
Apartment: 4 roomsCHF 6,769 / m²
Apartment: 5 roomsCHF N/A / m²

Frequently Asked Questions about the Property Valuation

The cost of an estimate depends on the complexity of the valuation, if it is a luxurious house or a standard house the costs can vary from CHF 250 up to CHF 3'000.

If you choose to work with a RealAdvisor agent, we offer to carry out a free valuation of your property, without any obligation on your part. 

Our online appraisal is also a free tool, which guarantees you the most accurate online valuation on the market.

  • A licensed real estate expert in property valuation
  • An architect
  • A registered real estate broker
  • A bank
  1. The agent comes to your property to carry out a thorough visit of your property.
  2. He analyses the documents you need to provide (related to the purchase of the property and its maintenance).
  3. He conducts an analysis of the property market:
    - By comparing your property to properties currently on the market;
    - By analysing the sales prices of past transactions in Maggia;

    - By using his expertise and knowledge of the region, the locality and the neighbourhood.
  4. Finally, he will give you a detailed report and the recommended selling price of your property.

To get a free property valuation in Maggia you can: 

  1. Use RealAdvisor’s free valuation tool and get a detailed report in less than 3 minutes.
  2. Request one of our RealAdvisor experts to perform a free and non-binding valuation of your property.
  3. Carry out a comparative analysis of the property market.
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