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1. Create your agency page

Whether you are a large agency with multiple regional offices or an independent agent, create pages that accurately reflect your business.

Personalise your pages with a banner image and introduce yourself to potential sellers or buyers seeking your services.

Your pages include a built-in contact form so buyers and sellers can connect directly with you.

2. Upload your transactions

Prove your track record to potential sellers looking for an agent with past transactions in their area.

The more transactions you add to your page, the higher you will rank in your markets, giving you more exposure.

Potential sellers will also be able to see the properties you currently have on the market.

3. Get reviews

Establish trust with potential sellers by collecting reviews from your past clients - both sellers and buyers.

To collect reviews, all you have to do is send your personal review link to your contacts and invite them to rate your service.

Showcase your RealAdvisor reviews on your own website (or any other website) with a selection of embeddable widgets.

4. Grow your agency

Be featured on the RealAdvisor real estate prices directory, where thousands of sellers and buyers look for information every day.

Appear on the RealAdvisor online valuation result page where homeowners start their selling journey.

Let your clients find you in the RealAdvisor agent directory - the best place to showcase your business and expertise through verified past transactions and client reviews.

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