Mortgage affordability calculator

Are you clear on your ability to purchase?

In 3 minutes, get your financing passport and:

  • Receive a detailed analysis of your buying capacity
  • Benefit from pre-publication & off-market listings
  • Save time and be ready for a transaction
Receive my financing passport

1. Find your dream property

Thanks to our search engine as well as our team of advisors

2. Obtain your financing passport

Validate your financial capacity and benefit from exclusive offers

3. Visit the property

First do a virtual tour of the property, then go for an in-person visit with one of our agents

4. Get the best mortgage financing offer

A mortgage financing expert will help you benefit from the best offers with the best conditions

5. Make an offer

Your real estate agent will help you formulate your offer and support you in the negotiation process

6. Sign the deed of sale

We coordinate the closing process and organise the appointment with the notary

Sell better

What is the market price?
Is it a good time to sell?
How to choose an agent?

Borrow better

Where to find the best rates?
Should I choose fixed or variable rates?
What term?

Mortgage calculator Mortgage affordability calculator
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