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The best solution and support to complete a successuful transaction at the right price
Appraise your home online in a few clicks
Meet one of our experts to refine the appraisal
Conclude your sell as soon as possible and at the best price
Why RealAdvisor?
A reliable and accurate estimate
Our brokers use the most accurate estimation tools on the Swiss market through our partners Wuest Partner, CIFI and PriceHubble.
The best real estate experts
We have selected the best brokers of each region and we evaluate them continuously.
Professional marketing
Thanks to their experience, knowledge of the local market and their network, our brokers market your property in an optimal way.
New technologies
Our brokers work with technological tools and RealAdvisor's data base to identify as many potential buyers as possible.
Legal and tax advices
With the knowledge of our brokers, avoid all the legal and tax traps and take advantage of their advices. Minimized problems and saving time guaranteed.
Sell alone or with a RealAdvisor broker? Don't hesitate.
Sell with RealAdvisor
Sell alone
A selling price which is fair and consistent with the market
Subjective estimate and lagged with the market
A faster sales process
Ignorance of real estate cogs, so waste of time
Professionalism of our brokers
Selection and quality of agents difficult to define
Transaction concluded with a better selling price per m2
Less profitable financial operation
We can help. What do you need?

Sell better

  • What is the market price?
  • Is it a good time to sell?
  • How to choose an agent?

Borrow better

  • Where to find the best rates?
  • Should I choose fixed or variable rates?
  • What term?