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A network of local real estate experts supported by our technology allows us to define a winning sale strategy for you and attract a maximum of buyers.

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Frequently asked questions

Unlike online agents who tend to charge a fixed fee in advance, our reward is 100% success-based and it is determined by the final sale price. This means we only get rewarded if we sell your property. The higher the sale price, the higher our reward. Thus, we have the extra motivation to do everything in our power to successfully conclude your sale, unlike online agents who cash in as soon as you agree to work with them.

Since our commission is a percentage of the sale price, it may be higher than a fixed fee that some online agencies charge. However, because you do not pay a single cent until your property is sold and the amount we charge is tied to the final sale price, our agents work that much harder for our properties to sell for a better price (often up to 10% more).

This means that selling your property for CHF 1 million as opposed to CHF 950k would result in a % commission of 30k as opposed to a fixed fee of 9k up front. That still leaves you with 970k instead of 941k to your benefit.

In addition, if we don't sell your home, you don't pay anything. So ultimately it is the buyer who pays the commission.

There are no additional charges or hidden fees, except our success-based commission rate. This is usually 3% but is negotiable, depending on the property value, location and any specific conditions agreed during an on-site visit when our local expert refines and confirms the preliminary online valuation.

You do not have to pay our commission until the transaction is successfully concluded at the notary. They will reserve a part of the final sale price paid in by the buyer as per our agreement and distribute it accordingly. That way you take no risk in engaging our services.

We much prefer to work with sellers on an exclusive basis. After all, it is a great commitment on our part to hire a professional photographer, prepare your listing, market it to potential buyers on property portals, handle the buyer viewings and conclude the process without charging a single cent up front.

You can always terminate our collaboration if we are not living up to your expectations. Unless we have already presented legitimate buyers for your property, there are no penalties for doing so. The detailed conditions are usually discussed and agreed on during an on-site visit, when you mandate our local expert with the sale of your home.

If you are in need of finding a new home before you sell your current property, we can support you with your search, securing financing at the best rates and more. RealAdvisor is a holistic portal for real estate services, comprising of an online valuation tool, a real estate agent network, property meta-search engine, property prices database, online mortgage solutions and more!