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CHF 1,100,000
House · 6.5 rooms · 185 m²
CHF 1,100,000
House · 4.5 rooms
CHF 1,040,000
Apartment · 5.5 rooms · 137 m²
CHF 970,000
Apartment · 3 rooms · 87 m²
CHF 940,000
House · 6 rooms · 147 m²
CHF 1,790,000
House · 5.5 rooms · 300 m²
CHF 1,750,000
House · 8 rooms · 183 m²
CHF 865,000
Apartment · 3.5 rooms · 90 m²
CHF 1,750,000
House · 7 rooms
CHF 1,890,000
House · 5 rooms · 200 m²
CHF 1,750,000
House · 5 rooms · 200 m²
CHF 1,555,000
House · 5.5 rooms · 124 m²
CHF 860,000
House · 5.5 rooms · 150 m²
CHF 865,000
House · 5.5 rooms · 140 m²
CHF 825,000
Apartment · 4 rooms · 92 m²

Selling your property in 5 steps

Property owner going through our online valuation process

1. Value your home online

Get a free online valuation of your home is less than 5 minutes. Our valuation method is based on historical transactions and gives you a reliable range indicating your property's market value.

Property owner meeting one of our local experts

2. Meet a local expert

Confirm the valuation with the help of a local expert in your region. After the visit, you will know the precise value of your property on the market which will enable you to set the optimal sales price.

Example of our property listing page

3. Mandate us to sell

With your consent, we will prepare all support material (professional photos, brochure, etc.) and market your home to 20'000 potential buyers in our database and across 12 major Swiss real estate portals.

Property owner viewing offers from potential buyers

4. Receive purchase offers

We organise visits, follow up with buyers and make sure that offers come your way. You can monitor the progress of your sale live from your RealAdvisor account.

A buyer signing their property purchase

5. Negotiate & Close

We help you negotiate to make sure that you get the best price for your home. We help you with all administrative details all the way to the signature at the notary.

Why should I sell my house with RealAdvisor?

A professional photographer taking photos of a house, example of our property listing page, interior of an apartment

100% success-based

Once we are mandated by you to sell your property, we will hire a professional photographer, create a property sales brochure, publish details of your home on all the major portals and arrange viewings.

RealAdvisor works on a success-based commission. We only receive our reward if we successfully conclude a sale.

Accurate estimates

The RealAdvisor platform incorporates a property valuation application that quickly delivers the most accurate prices in the market as well as a unique method by which sellers are automatically introduced to the most effective property brokers in Switzerland. i.e. those who know how to sell at the best price in the shortest space of time.

Examples of our online property valuation form
A list of matches and enquiries from potential buyers for your home

Buyer database

One of the key criteria that separates the top 1% of brokers in Switzerland from the rest is the strength of their buyer database. To sell your property at the best price in the quickest time possible it’s imperative that your agent has a pipeline of potential buyers lined up to view your property.

Clearly, the more interest there is in your property, the better - as such, we vet brokers to ensure that we will only connect you to the very best practitioners.

Advertise your property everywhere

As 80% of transactions start on the internet, our platform will list your property on every relevant real estate portal in Switzerland in order to gain the maximum exposure possible. logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo

Seller app & dashboard

You can monitor the status of your property sale via any device (mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet). Plus, the user-friendly seller dashboard in our app has been built with your needs prioritised. As such, you can quickly access the following via our app:

Inquiries received · Scheduled viewing · Offers received

A RealAdvisor seller dashboard example