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Enter key information about your house or apartment, such as the address and number of rooms, in a few simple steps.

2. We analyse

Our advanced models evaluate your property based on thousands of similar listings and past transactions.

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Why evaluate your property with RealAdvisor

Valuation model based on 70 criteria

Our online valuation model is based on:

20 criteria related to the characteristics of your property: Living surface, number of rooms, land area, condition, etc.

50 criteria that pertain to the quality of your property’s location: Access to public transport, schools, air quality, neighbourhood safety, etc.

Find out more about: How to estimate a property?

Valuation application fed by 6 models

 • A model based on real estate listings which also takes the local land zoning into consideration
 • A model based on historical transactions published by Swiss Real Estate Datapool
 • A model based on the perceived value by property owners
 • An external model calculated by the company IAZI CIFI
 • An external model calculated by Wüest Partner
 • An external model calculated by PriceHubble

Statistically, calculating the median of all the models allows us to provide you with the most up to date and accurate property appraisals in the Swiss property market.

You benefit from: An instant, accurate and free online valuation of your property, house or apartment.

Instant valuation result

At the end of the valuation, you will instantly receive a result and we will send you a detailed valuation report by email.

If you wish to further refine this initial estimate taking additional criteria into consideration, we propose a free on-site appraisal by one of our local property experts.

You will be able to request an appointment at your referred time after you receive your online valuation result.

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Quarterly updates and price evolution

Stay up to date as the value of your home changes according to the market dynamics. With just a few clicks, you will receive an updated valuation result every 3 months.

We also periodically analyse shifts in property prices and changes in supply across Switzerland and summarise these in quarterly publications that are freely available.

Read our publications on property prices.
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Next step: On-site appraisal by a real estate expert

Additional criteria and qualitative data

After you have received your online valuation result, book a free on-site appraisal by one of our local experts to refine your result based on the following additional criteria and observations:

 • The location (view, noise, neighbourhood...)
 • Recent renovations
 • Construction potential
 • Current market conditions
 • and more...

Comparative market analysis

In addition to the observations made during their on-site analysis, our local expert will conduct a thorough analysis of similar properties currently on sale and recently sold in your area, to determine the most realistic sale price for your property.

Based on this analysis, they will prepare for you a detailed comparative market analysis report including a sales and marketing strategy.
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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?
Yes, the appraisal is completely free and automatic (5 minutes). We don’t ask for money or credit card details, only an email address and mobile number for security reasons.
Why do you offer this for free?
We do not sell appraisals. They are 100% free. Instead, we only earn a commission once a client has sold a property (paid for out of the proceeds of the sale) or obtains a mortgage through one of our specialist mortgage advisors.
Do I have to provide any personal information?
Yes, we do ask for your name, email address and phone number for security reasons. As the sale of a property is a private matter, our policy is to avoid requesting information that we consider to be superfluous.
Is my information safe?
Yes. Your information is treated in accordance with Swiss and European data protection laws. We do not pass on or sell data to third parties. We respond to information requests in a timely fashion.
How can you say that you have the most accurate appraisal in Switzerland?
There are 3 major automated valuation model providers in Switzerland: IAZI, Wuest and Pricehubble. We have licensed all 3 models and run them for every single home that is appraised on our website.

We then combine the results and apply our own corrections, developed internally with the help and experience of real estate professionals. Examples of corrections include those that are applicable to large areas of land that come with planning permission, laws limiting the price of properties - for instance in the Geneva development zone - and, property/land within agricultural zones, etc.
How do you differ from your competitors offering free appraisals?
See the point above, where we explain why our appraisal is the most accurate in the Swiss market.

More on valuation methods

Automated real estate valuation

This statistical method compares your property with thousands of historical transactions to determine its value.

Automated valuations are very precise for standard properties for which there are many recorded transactions. For unique or luxury homes, the estimates are less accurate due the lack of comparable transactions.

Comparative market analysis

This is an examination of the prices of similar properties currently on the market.

The real estate agent is very close to the market, thus he is the best person to help you set the price based on how well your home ranks against the competition.

Intrinsic valuation

The term intrinsic value represents the real or actual value of a property. This is how it's computed:

New value - Depreciation + Plot value = Intrinsic value

This method does not factor in the supply and demand in the market, which makes it difficult to apply, because the value of the land is hard to estimate.

Development potential

When a plot has allocated space for further construction, it is very common that the value of the land itself is higher than the value of the building it currently hosts.

In these cases, the owners are more likely to receive interesting offers from property developers.

RealAdvisor experts systematically assess if a plot has development potential.

Swiss property prices

We compile and constantly update statistics on prices from sale and rental transactions across the country. Discover now the property prices for 2023 in the largest Swiss cities:

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