How to estimate the price of a house with land?

In terms of property valuation, there is a special method for a house with land. It must be used to give the most reliable value. This is the only way to successfully estimate the value of a house with a garden at your disposal. The valuation of the building is the first step. The land and the elements on it are then added to this first calculation.

estimer le prix d'une maison avec terrain

Properly estimating the surface area of a house with a plot of land

To find out the exact value of a property, you must first estimate the exact surface area. Each main room is therefore taken into account. The other spaces that make up the house enter into the calculation. Weighting elements will vary this estimate. Balconies and loggias are not considered to have the same value as a living room. The calculation of the price per m2 of house and land varies according to these elements. These spaces are accounted for on the basis of half of their surface area. On the cellar side, their surface area is not weighted. To determine They ensure that the price per m2 will be applied to the entire available surface area.

Other characteristics of a house are not taken into account at all when estimating the value of a house. The veranda and jacuzzi are not subject to any calculation rules. Deposits and parking spaces are also considered secondary areas of the property. They, therefore, have no impact on the valuation of a property prior to a sale.

How to estimate the price of a house with a garden?

For outdoor areas, the weighting rules differ. For the estimation of the price of a house with land, they must therefore be taken into account to avoid any errors. Terraces account for one third of the surface area. Gardens, on the other hand, are estimated separately and are therefore not affected by this weighting. On the contrary, this is an additional advantage that allows you to record a capital gain in the event of resale. 

The land is therefore accounted for separately from the living area of the dwelling. To estimate the real value of a house with land, you will therefore have to total the surface area of the dwelling after applying all the weightings. Then, the estimation of the outside spaces gives you an overall view of the value of your property.

Note, however, that the garden for private use is part of the living area of a house when it is heated. The calculation of the price of a house with land will therefore be different in this case since the price per square metre will be higher than for a bare plot of land.

How to estimate the price of a house with a swimming pool?

Just like the garden, the swimming pool represents an added value. It is not included in the calculation of the living area, but its value will influence the selling price displayed in a property advertisement. 

Some real estate professionals advise adding its value to the advertisement. It corresponds to 80% of the construction price if it is less than one year old. 

On the other hand, if work is required, only 10% of the value will be taken into account. For a swimming pool site, this mention may be of interest to a future buyer. However, this outdoor space will not carry as much weight when estimating a house with a lot.

Points to keep in mind when estimating the price of a house with land

  1. Calculate the living area of the house
  2. Take into account the weighting rules for certain areas
  3. Add the value of the land
  4. Add all the elements that can lead to a capital gain in the event of a sale


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