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How to estimate the price of a new flat? 

Buying a new flat allows you to live in a booming area, well located and close to all amenities. On the seller's side, this transaction requires a certain amount of preparation. In particular, it is essential to carry out an estimate of the price of a new flat in order to propose a price in line with the market.

estimer le prix d'un appartement neuf - prix m2

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Determining the type of flat offered

The price of a new flat depends above all on its characteristics. Its value varies according to the following criteria:

  • Located on the ground floor or on an upper floor
  • Its orientation
  • The presence of neighbours
  • A balcony or a terrace at your disposal
  • The materials used for its design

The price per m2 of a new flat will therefore depend on these elements. The difference can be enormous between two properties located in the same area. To find out all the characteristics that will affect the valuation of the property, you can contact the developer who has taken care of the marketing.

The charges for a new flat

When calculating the cost of a new flat, the price of the property is not the only expense. The costs are considerably higher and should be included in the estimate. 

The charges for a new flat are indeed numerous and are added to the price of the property itself :

  • The notary's fees
  • Co-ownership fees according to the nature of the flat
  • The cost of the parking space, which is not always included.
  • Municipal taxes
  • Taxes related to such a property

The budget needed to become the owner of a new flat can therefore be high. The search for financing must therefore be based on the price of the new flat, but must also consider all of these costs.

When buying a new flat, buyers tend to focus solely on the price of the property development. They therefore often forget about the charges they will have to pay on an annual basis. For an accurate estimate of the cost of a new property of this type, the total must therefore include them.

Differences in price per m2 by canton

To properly estimate the price per m2 of a new flat, price variations from one region to another must be taken into account. Where the price per square metre may be low in a geographical area, it may be double in large cities. For a similar property, the assessment of the value of a new flat can therefore easily vary.

In the cantons of Bern, Jura and Neuchâtel, the price per square metre for a new flat is CHF 5,000. These low prices also attract a large number of private individuals who wish to become homeowners at a lower cost. 

In the Geneva and Zurich region, the price per square metre is double that, at around CHF 10,000. The estimate of a flat of the same surface area will therefore not give the same result. You should therefore find out in advance about the price per square metre in the area where the property is located. 

Points to remember when estimating the price of a new flat

  1. Determining the type of flat to be appraised
  2. Estimate the cost of a new flat taking into account all charges
  3. Calculate the value of the new flat according to its geographical location


When estimating the cost of a new flat, you should take into account notary fees and insurance premiums to cover you against major risks. You should also think about maintenance costs, municipal taxes and the taxes payable by all owners.

To ensure that the property is always in perfect condition, paint and coatings may need to be changed. The radiators and boiler require an annual check; when the flat is in a condominium, you should also expect to pay for the maintenance of the common areas of the building.

You can take out a bank loan provided you have at least 20% of your own funds. If you own other properties, you may also consider a mortgage loan.