How it works?

A professional online assessment tool

RealAdvisor provides an evaluation tool used by real estate professionals to everyone.

Our valuation model uses the most reliable and accurate data of Swiss real estate market. This data is also used by banks, insurance companies or pension funds for the granting of mortgages.


70 evaluation criteria

Our analysis is based on 70 evaluation criteria, both quantitative and qualitative:

20 are related to the characteristics of your property (living surface, number of rooms, land area, conditions, etc.),

50 are related to the quality of your property location (access to public transports, schools, air quality, rate of criminality, etc.).

A hedonistic method

The online evaluation model we have developed is based on a hedonic approach.

Your property is compared with thousands of sold similar assets in the last few months and the price is determined by location.

Our evaluation model is continually optimized: you get an objective evalutation, the closest to reality at time T.

Our valuation methods are based on more than 500'000 real transactions
This represents more than 80% of all Swiss real estate transactions over the last 10 years
Every year 25'000 additional transactions feed our algorithms keeping them up to date

Our business model

After completing the online appraisal we will support and advise you throughout your real estate project.

We work closely with local partners that have been carefully selected based on their performance and excellence.

These partners share their commission with us in exchange for the opportunities and tools we provide.


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