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Valentine M., Lausanne


“Thanks to RealAdvisor, I could lower the interest rate on my mortgage from 1.1% down to 0.9%.”


Anonymous buyer, Zurich


“I found my dream house, but had trouble obtaining financing. RealAdvisor managed to get my application accepted by a local bank that I would have never thought of applying with otherwise.”


Anonymous buyer, Bern


“As an owner of multiple properties across different cantons, my fiscal situation is quite complex. Mortgage experts at RealAdvisor helped me put a strategy in place that allowed me to lower my tax burden and capitalise my rental income.”


✔️ Prepare a solid application. One for all lenders.

✔️ Make lenders compete to provide you the best rate.

✔️ Get financing offers from exclusive lenders in as little as 24 hours.

✔️ Avoid common mistakes with help from financing experts.

✔️ Best of all - it’s free!

How it works

1. You complete an online mortgage application

To start, fill out our online application form. The process takes less than 5 minutes. You will receive an instant estimation of your borrowing capacity and a mortgage cost estimation based on your maximum purchase.

2. We will give you a call to see how we can best assist you

Once you have completed the form, we will call you to discuss your project in more detail so that we can understand your specific needs.

3. We prepare your mortgage documents and application

Once we have defined your project clearly, we collect your documents and prepare an application dossier which meets the banks extensive criteria.

4. We collect offers from several different lenders

Our experts present your application and project to our network of banks, insurance companies and pension funds and negotiate the best rates for your mortgage.

5. You choose the best offer

We present you with the offers we received from the lenders. You choose the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a network of more than 30 lenders (banks, insurance companies and pension funds) to get you the best offers on the market. Beyond the lowest interest rates, we offer free advice from experienced financing professionals, to help you make informed decisions and formulate a strong long-term financing strategy.

We are a real estate platform that helps buyers and sellers to conclude their transaction quickly, efficiently and fairly by aggregating market information and providing cutting edge technology to help real estate professionals deliver better service.

For buyers, our service is free of charge. We receive a standard commission from your chosen financing partner once your mortgage is approved. The commission is consistent across all financing partners, therefore an objective and fair service is guaranteed.

It is possible to request a mortgage for:

  1. The purchase of a primary residence
  2. The purchase of a secondary residence
  3. The purchase of an investment property
  4. Refinancing an existing mortgage

We are not a lender and do not provide mortgages directly. Instead, we work with a network of lenders and negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf.

We start by reviewing your personal situation and preparing a strong mortgage application. Offers from our network of lenders are then requested and a shortlist of the best offers is presented to you. We will explain the details of the different offers to you and let you choose your preferred financing partner.

We have already managed to present a client with an offer in less than 12 hours thanks to the speed and reactivity of our financing experts. That being said, once we have received all the necessary documents from you, it typically takes 3-5 working days to secure offers from lenders.

Lenders will require documents that prove your personal and financial situation in order to approve a mortgage. By collecting them in advance, our financing experts can make sure any offers you receive are valid and accurate. The good news is, you only have to send the documents once. We take care of preparing your dossier and requesting offers from the lenders.

When you make a mortgage payment, you pay a combination of interest and a repayment of a portion of your debt. Indirect amortisation enables you to save the debt repayment in a 3rd pillar (type A) account. This is then pledged to the lender as collateral, saving you money and granting you access to tax benefits.

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Primary Residence
Secondary Residence


Maximum budget
CHF 1,000,000

Monthly payment
CHF 2,407
Interest (1.25%)
CHF 833
CHF 741
Maintenance (1%)
CHF 833